Recording screen, mic input and audio output with one app

March 26, 2021 · 2 min read

I’ve been for years a very happy user of Kap, a free open-source app to record the screen of my MacBook.

Kap app

Recently I wanted to perform some interviews during a requirements gathering process for a new project at work. I needed a way to record my screen, my voice but also the voice of the interviewee. Essentially I needed to capture:

  • Screen
  • Audio input
  • Audio output

So, as usual, I started with a simple Google search to see what is out there. I found many solutions that required downloading some apps (like Soundflower, LoopBack or ScreenFlow) and use some of them in combination with Quicktime Player, a native macOS app.

5 minutes had passed and I already felt overwhelmed. I thought this was gonna be easier. And then it hit me: “Why haven’t you checked if Kap can do that?”. Dah!

All I literally had to do was to go to the preferences of the app and turn 2 toggles on.

  1. Enable Audio recording from the General tab
  2. Enable the soundflower plugin from the Plugins tab


Kap general preferences tab

Kap plugin preferences tab